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Modern chiropractors in San Diego specializing in movement & mobility.

I came with a neck and shoulder pain to Dr. Travis and through his insightful instructions and his healing hands, I have adverted surgery and am back to being active.

I am in a maintenance twice a month program with Travis and his team. I look forward to each session. I learn new ways for me to keep gaining strength and I leave with no more pain.
— Cliff H.

it's a calling

At Your Healthy Spine, we believe that peak health and wellness is your birthright. We partner with our patients to help them live their best. That is our mission and calling.

the approach

the approach

We take a positive, proactive approach to health. Our methods reveal the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction. Our goal is to help you thrive—free from pain—today and throughout your lifetime.



Step into your healing space.

I have seen Travis at Your Healthy Spine several times to treat back pain. Most recently I suffered a back sprain by over-doing it at the driving range. I could barely reach my feet to put on shoes. Travis was able to see me on short notice and with the combination of the rolling table (I want one of these!), muscle release and adjustments I felt significantly better. I came back again the following week as the pain was still lingering and a few days afterward the pain had all but gone away completely.

I love the approach to health care that Travis takes at Your Healthy Spine. Within the clinic there are also acupuncturists and massage therapists. He aims to get your whole body into a healthy state and he’ll often recommend a combination of therapies rather than just a quick spinal adjustment in order to achieve that goal.

I highly recommend Your Healthy Spine to anyone looking to improve their health...
— Anthony V.

quality & Integrity

We share openly and honestly with you – about your health and the services that we provide. YHS is a judgment-free zone–we see you, we appreciate you and we honor that you are changing your story with us. 


Like family, at YHS we want to make sure you feel at home and to know that you can trust us with your health & wellness journey by consistently updating our knowledge through continued education. 

integrated practice

Healthcare is a collective effort. Thus we collaborate within our own team and in the event that your care exceeds our scope, we have an ever-growing network of practitioners to refer you to.  


Who We Are


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