What to expect in a Mental Wellness Session

Thinking about a Mental Wellness Coaching session? San Diego mental wellness provider, Gianni DeMichele, MS, MA, MFT shares with us what you can expect.

Get Acquainted and Set Goals

I will meet with you and spend some time getting to know you. I will ask you to complete a few forms, which will assess your current Behavioral Health and lifestyle.  Together we will identify and formulate a plan to meet your goals.

You are the expert on YOU. I aim to create an environment in which you can feel at ease and relaxed while learning about you and your goals for living a healthy life. I strive to cultivate curiosity for both of us—I am curious to understand you and I hope you, too, can be curious about what you can learn about yourself through this process.

Journey on to Wellness

What I enjoy most about Wellness Coaching is the collaboration between me and my clients. I enjoy collaborating to identify their goals and then we journey toward those goals together.

While leveraging any Complementary Alternative Medicine treatments you’re already receiving, I will introduce you to Mindful Awareness Practices and techniques geared to help you live in your body, understand your mind, and increase your natural resilience. 

Cultivate a Mindset Toward Learning

A large part of being mentally well is learning. Learning is key because it is one of the ways we can increase the neural connections in the brain and regulate our emotional and physical states in the body.

Knowledge and information empower our ability to live a healthy life. I leverage my background in yoga, integrative medicine, and mental healthcare to help you achieve a “learning” mindset.

Break Down the Stigma

For too long we have lived with a stigma around mental health, mainly because we may have misunderstood our own emotions or natural responses to stress, loss, and life challenges.

I hope to break down that stigma—one mind at a time.  We can all find a way to our own personal and unique Mental Wellness.

Supplemental Reading

Like to learn and read?  Gianni suggests these books for your Mental Wellness pleasure.

“Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation - Dr. Dan Siegel, MD

“The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” - Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD

And check out this great website at “Mental Health America" for “10 Tools To Live Your Life Well”!

To learn more about our mental wellness services in San Diego, click here. Let Gianni DeMichele accompany you in your mental wellness journey.