Dr. Devon, a San Diego acupuncturist and herbalist at Your Healthy Spine clinic, shares her detox experience and why she does it. Read now or bookmark it for later.

Best Time to Cleanse

As the Spring season begins, we look forward to sunlight, warmth and outside activity. We also engage in spring cleaning, the act of purging things from the house that no longer serve us as an act of starting anew. This season is also the best for cleansing the body which means to get rid of excess waste and disease.

What your liver has to do with it

In Chinese Medicine, Spring is defined by several characteristics including the color green, creativity, enthusiasm, and the liver organ. The liver’s most important functions involved the formation and breakdown of blood, filtering toxins and distribution of nutrients throughout the body.

When the liver is sluggish, we often feel irritable, congested, lethargic and fixed in our old ways. Decision making becomes difficult and overeating is often a compensatory mechanism to comfort our “stuck-ness”.  

Cultural Roots

The importance of cleansing to achieve better health and better self is deeply rooted in Indian and Chinese cultures.  Christians for many years have also used this practice to cleanse the body of decay and realize God. Spring cleansing is optimally performed with a group of like-minded people to provide support in achieving a healthier you.

Choosing a cleanse

Choosing a cleanse can be overwhelming and oftentimes not sustainable. Here, at Your Healthy Spine, we want our patients to succeed in whatever they do. In an effort to make this happen, we provide you with the safest, healthiest and most effective cleanse programs on the market. No juicing, no master cleanse, no rebounding to old habits when you are done.

The programs are designed to optimally reduce inflammation that leads to storing fat and feeding chronic disease. Depending on the program, during the duration of the cleanse, you have a team of people doing it with you, providing you support and sharing their recipes.

My Experience

I personally completed a 30-day detox. Was I perfect? NO. Did I quit? No. Instead, I learned valuable lessons on reducing stress, eating cleaner and feeling energized. My patients have commented throughout that my skin looks glowing and I have more energy despite my hectic life of running a business, raising a daughter, and living life. I also fit back in my size 8 pants.

Learn to do it for yourself

Want to learn more about how you can change your life? Kristin Shea from Arbonne will be hosting a FREE seminar at Your Healthy Spine Clinic on Monday, May 21st at 6 pm to talk about their program and products. To join us, call the office at 619-518-4222 and reserve your spot.  

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