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Head & neck PAIn

Our chiropractors in San Diego put this page together to inform you on different types of head and neck pains, symptoms associated with the injury and how to treat your condition.

Are you currently living with head and/or neck pain? Finding recovery and relief options for your discomfort is not only possible, but should also be pursued as soon as possible. Remember, you only get one body and one life – don't you want to feel your absolute best?

From headaches and migraines to even vertigo, head and neck conditions should not be taken lightly. If you're experiencing any head and neck pain, it's time to seek professional assistance. 


Chances are, it's highly likely that you've experienced a headache or neck pain in the past, meaning you are aware when your body is feeling discomfort.  

When the neck becomes stiff and difficult to move, it's likely that some sort of condition or ailment has formed. Depending on the specific condition and its severity, the pain or discomfort can create headaches or migraines.

A stiff neck may not only affect the head, but also the shoulders and arms. With this condition, it's common to have trouble turning your neck/head without pivoting your entire body. 

While any type of injury, accident or inflammation can result in head or neck pain, these conditions generally occur from sports, falling down or whiplash.


As with any type of injury, there are different types of head and neck conditions, some worse than others. Common types of injuries include headaches, migraines and basic neck pain (e.g. stiff neck, or difficulty turning your neck from side-to-side). 

In some cases, vertigo can occur, which refers to a loss of balance and/or feeling dizzy. 


When you experience head and/or neck pain, symptoms can vary, and often include the following symptoms: 

  • Discomfort
  • Inability to Turn Head
  • Sharp or Dull Pain
  • Headaches/ migraines
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Jaw Pain
  • Stiffness

While these symptoms may seem ordinary, even tolerable to live with, when left ignored or untreated, the condition can worsen, making it even harder to eventually find recovery and relief options. 

If you experience a head or neck condition that fails to go away, you may find it necessary to speak with a professional in the medical industry. A family physician or chiropractor may be able to diagnose your pain, as well as offer various treatment resources.


Depending on your specific type of neck pain, you may be diagnosed with one of the following:

AcutePain lasting longer than 4 weeks

Subacute: Pain lasting longer than 4 to 12 weeks

Chronic: Pain lasting longer than 3 months 

Before a doctor can diagnose you, he or she may ask you questions regarding your medical history. You will also be asked to provide detailed information regarding the injury, your lifestyle, posture and sleeping habits and any recent or old injuries you may have endured. 


Proper treatment for your head or neck injury will depend on the nature of the condition. You may find relief in one or more of the following treatment options: 

  • Apply Heat
  • Take ibuprofen (or other anti-inflammatory medication)
  • Rest
  • Chiropractic
  • Traction
  • Adjust posture
  • Physical Therapy

If you have trouble finding a type of treatment that works for your particular needs, consider consulting your chiropractor or family doctor for further assistance.

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