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The chiropractors at Your Healthy Spine are movement and mobility specialists that are experts in manual therapy for pain relief, athletic recovery and injury prevention.

As partners, you and one of the doctors will build a mutual understanding and awareness of your movement and mobility to find and fix the root cause of your musculoskeletal pain.


How We Can Help

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Pain Relief

Feel better. Move often. 

Pain is a signal that affects our perception, interactions, blood pressure, heart rate, and even sleep. Yet, pain is often ignored or masked by medication. Failing to take action early-on may lead to serious problems that are costlier on the body and wallet. Let us help you find and fix the root of your pain.

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Athletic recovery

Return to your sport faster.

Our pro athletes know the importance of recovery. They understand that having a recovery plan can minimize their downtime and maximize their training. Do you want a strategy that can help take your game to the next level? Our team can create a recovery program specific to you and your sport.

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Injury Prevention

Move well. Train with safety.

By understanding that each person arrives with a unique collection of previous injuries, traumas, scars, daily habits, routines, and asymmetries, we can then use movement screens and mobility assessment to identify a patient's strengths and weaknesses, helping them prevent future injuries.

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  • No masking of pain—we get to the source and stop it in as quick as one visit*

  • No NSAIDs—no stomach, liver or kidney damage 

  • Spinal adjustment is optional, and may be unnecessary

  • Patients highly recommend us to family and friends


what to expect

know these before your chiropractic visit


Initial Exam & Therapy

for new patients or those we haven't seen in over two years

  • we will screen your movement, mobility, and posture
  • health assessment of soft tissues & joints
  • discuss your concerns and set goals
  • we will begin treatment, which will include joint manipulation/mobilization
  • wear comfortable gym attire; no more food at least an hour before your visit
  • plan for 60 to 90 minutes depending on complexity & severity of your condition

Follow-up Therapy

each case is unique and some may require more than one visit

  • sessions may last 20-40 minutes
  • therapy may include soft tissue release, joint mobilization, and decompression
  • we will teach you stability, mobility, and motor-control techniques
  • develop a personalized 15-minute daily routine of self-mobility care
  • explain and review ways to optimize movement & position
  • treatment recommendations & frequency will be discussed




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*Each case is unique and some may require more than one visit.