San Diego Services

Movement, Mobility & Wellness

As an integrated clinic, we have acupuncturists, massage therapists, a mental wellness provider and a naturopathic doctor on staff that we can refer you to in the event that your injury or wellness goals exceed our chiropractic scope.

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Most of our clients arrive here in pain. Sometimes from an acute sports injury or activity. Often, though, the pain has been episodic, present for some time, and they've decided to take action.

Mental Wellness

Whether navigating a time of crisis, seeking to maintain comprehensive integrative care, or looking to effect lasting change, we provide support and collaboration on the journey to Mental Wellness.

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massage therapy

Enhance your overall well-being. Athletes, office workers, parents, executives, members of law enforcementkeep coming back to experience the benefits of our therapeutic massages.

san diego acupuncture


Although we treat a variety of conditions, 90% of our acupuncture clients seek care for pain relief, internal medicine, fertility, pediatrics, or women's health.  

NATUROPATHic medicine

Naturopathy focuses on prevention and optimizing the patient's own inherent self-healing processes to fight disease. Clients see us to rehydrate, regenerate and recharge.