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specializing in movement & mobility

“The greatest wealth is health.”
— Virgil, poet

We're proud to say that San Diego has done a terrific job of cultivating a healthy and active community. Unfortunately, most of us are bound to jobs that require us to stay in one position for too long. As you know, being sedentary can develop movement and posture habits that are counter to good health.

These so-called "bad" habits can create a shape in our bodies that lead to imbalance, joint dysfunction, diminished motor-control, increased risk of injury and re-injury, and wreak havoc on our soft tissues. Often, we don’t notice these movement habits until our body starts to hurt or malfunction.

Fortunately you don't have to hang out in pain. At YHS, we take an individualized, systems-based approach to chiropractic to optimize your movement and mobility.

How it works

when your body is moving well, you will see results


If you're in pain, we will help you get out of pain fast without the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs.


We will help you regain motor-control, balance and proper movement so you can move comfortably again.


We will teach you how to create stability, mobility, and awareness so that you can maintain a healthy moving body and spine.

what to expect

some things you need to know

Initial Exam & Therapy

for new patients or those we haven't seen in over two years

  • we will screen your movement, mobility, and posture
  • health assessment of soft tissues & joints
  • discuss your concerns and set goals
  • we will begin treatment, which will include joint manipulation/mobilization
  • wear comfortable gym attire; no more food at least an hour before your visit
  • plan for 60 to 90 minutes depending on complexity & severity of your condition

Follow-up Therapy

to get you moving well, often, and get you out of pain

  • sessions may last 20-40 minutes
  • therapy may include soft tissue release, joint mobilization, and decompression
  • we will teach you stability, mobility, and motor-control techniques
  • develop a personalized 15-minute daily routine of self-mobility care
  • explain and review ways to optimize movement & position
  • treatment recommendations & frequency will be discussed




Meet the doctors

providing you with quality care is our priority

words from our wellness partners

“A true health professional focused on preventive, pro-active care... I’ve been coming here for about a year now and my only regret is not starting sooner.”
— Brian K.
“I started seeing him for pain and have been seeing him for regular maintenance since... His emphasis on proactive health care is life changing.”
— Linh T.