San Diego Naturopathic Medicine

Prevention and Self-Healing

“The greatest wealth is health.”
— Virgil, poet

Naturopathic Medicine is growing in popularity in individuals that are looking to optimize their health.  We fight disease by focusing on prevention and optimizing the patient's own inherent self-healing processes. Naturopathic Medical Doctors are accredited through a 4-year medical institution with a strict licensing board and education. 

We use botanical medicine (herbs), physical medicine (hands-on), homeopathy (energetic), and other scientifically researched modalities (supplements, pharmaceuticals, IV vitamin therapy, prolotherapy). The key principles of Naturopathic Medicine are the prevention of disease, finding the root cause of disease, educating the patient, treating the whole person, doing no harm, and providing the body with the essential tools to cure disease. We are proud to have Dr. Jason Phan's Livv Natural naturopathic medicine at our clinic in San Diego.

what to expect

some things you need to know

Initial Exam & Therapy

  • 60-minute consultation

  • discuss specific health concerns

  • assess general health

  • physical exam

  • comprehensive blood panel (price varies)

  • Rate: $150

Follow-up Therapy

  • sessions may last up to 60 minutes

  • discuss treatment recommendations: medications, supplements, nutrition, referral, imaging, IV, etc.

  • review and explanation of lab results

  • answer any questions you may have

  • Rate: $200




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words from our wellness partners

“A true health professional focused on preventive, pro-active care... I’ve been coming here for about a year now and my only regret is not starting sooner.”
— Brian K.
“I started seeing him for pain and have been seeing him for regular maintenance since... His emphasis on proactive health care is life changing.”
— Linh T.