DJ L. | Google Review

"Dr Travis is truly the best medical professional I've ever seen. Dealing with a herniated disc and a cartilage tear in my knee, my orthopedic doctor had me convinced I'd need surgery. Dr Travis helped me alleviate pressure and tension to create space to naturally heal. 6 months later I'm back to running and training, with my first half marathon since the injury in a few weeks.

He listens, genuinely cares, and is one of the kindest people in the world. I trust and recommend him wholeheartedly!"

- DJ Lawrence | Google Review

J Daniel G. | Facebook Review

"I've been a patient of Dr. Travis for almost 2 years. If you're looking for a crack and go kind of Chiropractor he's not your guy. He is an all around awesome person who truly cares about the health & wellbeing of his patients. Dr. Travis first helped me with structural problems from a mountain bike crash and years of business travel. After restoring my body so it could heal itself, we advanced to the next stage of preparing for optimal health for high intensity exercise training to do Tough Mudder events. I'm happy to say that I'm now on a monthly maintenance program and I am continuing to feel great!"

- J Daniel G. | Facebook Review

Monica M. | Yelp Review

"After visiting this clinic, I noticed an immediate decrease in the pain I was having. Dr. Ryan is very knowledgable and patient. He made sure he addressed the specific concerns I had, and showed me what I can do at home to continue my healing progress. Everyone I've met who works in this clinic is friendly and welcoming, and I'm feeling much better with regular visits."

- Monica M. | Yelp Review

Annie H. | Yelp Review

"I have been going to see Dr Travis for chiropractic work for several months and I also take my kids to see Dr Devon for acupuncture for their asthma and overall wellness. 
Their office is very welcoming, serene, professional and organized. Dr Travis is extremely well versed in his field and treats each patient with respect and kindness. I began seeing Dr Travis b/c I have always has lower back issues and I have now learned many exercises to do on my own that will alleviate pain, discomfort and after I leave his office I always feel refreshed and better then when I arrived. I highly recommend this practice due to the help they have provided my family and me."

- Annie H. | Yelp Review

Jules F. | Google Review

"I originally went to see Dr. Travis for a chronic lower back problem. Within 2 weeks he had me feeling much better than I had in 6 months. During that first appointment, Dr Travis and his team spent time simply observing my movements, asking me about my day-to-day routine (I am a yoga teacher), and performing mobility exercises. This is much more than a chiropractors office, it truly is a wellness clinic. I continue to see Dr. Travis on a regular basis for maintenance, as well as for injury-specific care. I recommend everyone on his team as thoughtful, caring, and forward thinking mobility experts!"

- Jules F. | Google Review

Jessica B. | Yelp Review

"Since seeing Dr. Travis and Dr. Ryan, I no longer experience regular migraines (even though that's not what I was initially treated for).  I know that any time I have back or foot pain from running, 1 or 2 visits from either of these talented healers, and I'll be right back on track with pain-free workouts.  Until visiting YHS, I never knew how many mobility issues chiropractors can treat and to say I've been impressed would be an understatement. I also love that they give you 'homework' exercises which allows me to take a proactive approach to my own health.  What they do at this clinic is magical and I'm grateful for their knowledge, talent and sincere kindness."

- Jessica B. | Yelp Review

Cherie P. | Yelp Review

"I am new to San Diego coming from the East Coast. I was fortunate enough to have met someone in a yoga class that raved about Dr. Travis. I was so lucky to have found this office! Dr. Travis is much more than your traditional Chiropractor. He is diverse, extremely knowledgable, mindful, and very passionate about what he's doing. I have come to him with a variety of issues from my back to my jaw with terrific results. I have always walked away with a plan of action and preventative care."

- Cherie P. | Yelp Review

James W. | Yelp Review

"Outstanding Clinic! I had a strained lower back and hamstrings from CrossFit and was Foam Rolling everyday with no relief.  I came to Dr. Travis and presented how I was feeling. Without any hesitation, he knew exactly of the next steps in managing my current situation. Dr. Travis executed his Cupping Therapy Protocol and his Active Release Therapy Protocol and after 2 weeks, I was back in full action. Not only was I back in full action, I was executing  WODs  with better performance and stability than before. I highly recommend Your Healthy Spine and Dr. Travis."

- James W. | Yelp Review

Jeremy M. | Yelp Review

"What Dr. Travis accomplished on my first visit was truly remarkable.  I have had my share of back pain stemming back to a car accident 15 years ago.  I  have spent thousands of dollars visiting countless Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Massage Therapists - all with limited success...

I find it amazing that after all these years of "just dealing" with my back pain, all I had to do this whole time was take a 10-minute drive to Mission Valley and visit Dr. Travis.  I truly wish I had known about him sooner.  I look forward to my next visits, and to all the pain-free days ahead!"

- Jeremy M. | Yelp Review