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spine•flow yoga

An innovative workshop series designed to strengthen & stabilize your practice. 

  • develop controlled movements
  • learn to prioritize, organize & stabilize the spine
  • explore function, form, and key concepts of the spine & core
  • build on your knowledge of the mind-body connection
  • network with the most knowledgable & seasoned in the yoga community
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mobility self•care

An ongoing, interactive & exploratory series. Fun disclaimer: can involve wine.

  • develop a personalized 15 minute daily routine of mobility self-care
  • understand the difference between foam rolling  & stretching with mobility work at our Wellness Studio. 
  • learn why we don't chase pain with mobility tools  

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Lets get to focusing on the quality of your movement and positions. How are you moving, sitting, standing?

  • Train how the pelvis, spine & core resists movement and stabilizes to carry something heavy like a suitcase
  • Learn the basics and practice them always; how do you pick something up, walk up stairs, lunge?
  • learn to reduce optional-sitting 
  • develop strategies to move well and often