Hips & Pelvis


Do you have grumpy hips?
Do you have low back discomfort?
Do you have tailbone pain?

The hips are the docking station of the spine. If they are stiff or the muscles are weak, the spine cannot be supported in optimal alignment. The hips are the fulcrum point of our balance, if there are any imbalances it affects the rest of the body and the way it functions.

Nowhere in the body is the theme of mobility and stability more relevant. This class will unravel the power, movability, and complexity of our hips and pelvis. We will incorporate myofascial release techniques, yoga movement, and general mechanics.

We will explore common injuries and dysfunction of the hips and learn how to improve any issues in this area. You will leave with a deeper understanding of this joint that you can immediately apply to your teaching and your practice.

Investment: $65